Help Scamp ink his way home through a maze full of sea creatures with the aid of his squid friends!

For GMTK's 2019 game jam.

The prompt was "Only one". Our take on it was "just one button" for movement. Clicking anywhere onscreen makes our baby squid Scamp move in that direction, but attack with his jet of ink in the opposite direction. Enemies are disabled when inked.

Programming by mKiang
Art by ingthing and @vyndist
Music by reckless150681

Install instructions

For Mac or PC. Download the appropriate file.


Download 27 MB
Download 27 MB


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Great game. I love the graphics, especially the cute picture at the end. What I dont like is that you get stunned every time you bump in a wall. Why can't you just slide along it. I think that change would make the game even better.